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Zhuoxin Law Firm (“Zhuoxin”) is one of the larger-scale comprehensive law firms in China. Since its establishment in 1999 in Guangzhou, Zhuoxin has been gradually building recognition.


Lawyers of Zhuoxin are all graduated from top domestic and oversea law schools, some of which have arbitrators, tax accountants, economists, accountants, engineers and other professional titles and relevant work experience as well.

Practice Areas

Zhuoxin’s well-trained and experienced team of lawyers has provided a full range of legal services in difference areas.

As the only representative of Guangdong law firms, Zhuoxin has joined ADVOC and TAGLaw, two worldwide alliances of independent law firms, in 2013 and 2016 respectively. Zhuoxin aims to provide high quality legal service to all around the world.


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Looking for your first job in law or making a mid-career move? We welcome persons with academic credentials, demonstrated writing abilities, an entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to community service, and great interpersonal skills.

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DIwen Zhong
DIwen Zhong
  • Office:Guangzhou
  • Tel:(8620) 3941 6888
  • E-mail:dw.zhong@zhuoxinlaw.com
  • Domain:Be adept at handling litigation of a variety of types, especially criminal cases, one of which even has been incorporated into the book Memoir of China Excellent Criminal Defenses.

Education Background

In 1991, Guangzhou Public Security Institute (Junior College);

In 2007 ,Hunan University of Commerce (Law Major, Bachelor’s Degree);


Business Expertise

Lawyer Zhong is proficient in representing various litigation cases, especially in criminal defense. Among them, some representative cases of Ms. Zhong were selected into the Record of China's Excellent Criminal Defense. He was a member of the 8th and 9th Guangdong Lawyers Association Criminal Law Professional Committee, the 10th Guangdong Lawyers Association Legal Rights and Interests Protection Committee, and the 8th Guangzhou Lawyers Association Legal Rights and Interests Protection Committee.


Work Experience

In 1982                       Wuhan Air Force (amanuensis)

From 1987 to 1993     Vice Squad of Guangzhou Liuhua Region Public Security Sub-bureau

From 1995 to 1998     Guangdong Law Firm (Lawyer) 

From 1998 to 2016     Guangdong Guangda Law Firm (Lawyer & Partner)

From 2016 till now     Zhuoxin Law Firm (Lawyer)


Working Language

Mandarin and Cantonese


Personal Profile

The cases handled by Lawyer Zhong include: Wu Juhong's illegal fund-raising group case, concerning more than 80 million yuan (the first case in Guangzhou) ; A series of corruption and bribery cases concerning leading cadres of a Guangzhou traffic police, Zhang Sir; Dongguan's super large ants move and smuggle red oil , as well as a number of economic crimes such as super large drugs, smuggling, corruption and bribery.


 Representative Criminal Cases

1996, The Illegal Fund-raising Case of Criminal Group Led by Wu Juhong (the first case in Guangzhou with an amount of 80,000,000 RMB);

1997, Xu Fuqiang Bus Fraud Gang casein Guangzhou (robbery prosecution, successfully defended it into fraud);

1998, Liu Guoyan Robbery Murder Gang Case; 

2001, Guangzhou Traffic Police Corruption Case/ One of Zhang Linsheng Economic Crime Series Cases; 

2003, Series Cases of “Ants- Moving” Red Oil Smuggling Committed by a Criminal Group in Dongguan (34 Defendants); 

2003, Liu Yaonan Drug Gangs Case (34 kilograms of heroin involved); 

2006, Chen Sen Smuggling and Drug Trafficking Group Case (400 kg of ketamine); 

2008, Wu Jianpei Drug Smuggling Group Case (1100 kg of cocaine); 

2009, Liu Zhonghua Drug Case (prosecuted as narcotic drug crime, successfully defended into the crime of illegal possession of drugs); 

2010, Minor Robbery Gang Case (the first instance sentenced three and a half years imprisonment, the second instance sentenced probation); 

2011, Minor Rape Case; 

2012, Cai Boxi Bribery Case (proposing the exclusion of illegal evidence, successfully made the main fact not established); 

2013, Chen Shaohui Duties Embezzlement Crime (submitted the legal opinion on the stage of investigation and prosecution and led the procuratorial organs ultimately decided not to prosecute the crime of organization with underworld society); 

2014, Huang Jia Sheng Case of Picking Quarrels and Provoking Troubles (finding new evidence and submitting legal opinions during the stage of investigation and prosecution, and successful cleared client’s robbery suspicion). 

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