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Zhuoxin Law Firm (“Zhuoxin”) is one of the larger-scale comprehensive law firms in China. Since its establishment in 1999 in Guangzhou, Zhuoxin has been gradually building recognition.


Lawyers of Zhuoxin are all graduated from top domestic and oversea law schools, some of which have arbitrators, tax accountants, economists, accountants, engineers and other professional titles and relevant work experience as well.

Practice Areas

Zhuoxin’s well-trained and experienced team of lawyers has provided a full range of legal services in difference areas.

As the only representative of Guangdong law firms, Zhuoxin has joined ADVOC and TAGLaw, two worldwide alliances of independent law firms, in 2013 and 2016 respectively. Zhuoxin aims to provide high quality legal service to all around the world.


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Looking for your first job in law or making a mid-career move? We welcome persons with academic credentials, demonstrated writing abilities, an entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to community service, and great interpersonal skills.

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Manrong Tang
Manrong Tang
  • Office:Guangzhou
  • Tel:(8620) 3941 6888
  • E-mail:mr.tang@zhuoxinlaw.com
  • Domain:Contract dispute, Real estate dispute, Construction projects, Company stock right transfer, Company reorganization and listing, Assets merger, Debt collection, Compensation for damages, Disposition of non-performing assets, Marriage and family, Legacy, Labor disputes, Medical disputes, Traffic accident, Legal consultant, Business disputes, etc.

Education Background

Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Master of Economic Laws


Business Expertise

Mr. Tang is proficient in contract disputes, real estate disputes, constructions, company equity transfers, restructuring and listing, M&A, debt collection, damage compensation, non-performing asset disposal, marriage and family, inheritance, labor disputes, medical disputes, traffic accidents, enterprises, personal legal counsel, etc.


Work Experience

Zhuoxin Law Firm, Guangdong


Working Language

Mandarin, English


Personal Profile

Mr. Tang is meticulous and responsible with rich experience. He has been served as legal counsel for various government departments, enterprises and institutions. The litigation and non-litigation legal services provided have achieved the predetermined goals for various clients, which reduced economic losses, or avoided business risks. Mr. Tang safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of the client to the greatest extent.


Representative Case

The equity merger of a company.

The acquisition of land use rights of a real estate company.

The acquisition of creditor's rights of an investment company.

The collection of overdue loans of a commercial bank.

The transfer of employee dormitories to commercial housing of an electronic company.

The formulation of the framework cooperation agreement between the Tourism Bureau and Tourism Satellite TV.

The collection of creditor's rights of a municipal company in Baiyun District.

The establishment of an investment company in Huizhou.

The settlement of debt disputes of a catering company in Guangzhou.

The payment for goods of an electronic consumables company in Guangzhou.

A bankruptcy liquidation of a concrete company in Guangzhou.

A backdoor listing of a group company in Guangdong.

Dispute over compensation for house damage in a large entertainment city in Guangzhou.

Dispute over compensation for foundation pit construction in Guo Cun New Community in Liwan.

Dispute over compensation for house demolition of homestead between Dong with rich experience and his stepfather Lu.

Due diligence on assets of a safety equipment company in Zhaoqing.

Special investigation on illegal use of indemnificatory housing in Guangzhou.

Due diligence on the stock of public housing households in Guangzhou municipal administrative institutions.

Due diligence on the creditor's rights and debts of an unfinished building of a company in Guangzhou.

A dispute over the right of recovery between a guarantee company in Zhaoqing city and electric power safety tools and appliances manufacturing co., Ltd.

Liang's counter-guarantee contract dispute.

Deng's loan guarantee contract dispute.

Tan's real estate property right dispute with his cousin.

Guo's homestead cooperative housing construction dispute with Lin in Baiyun district.

Xie's construction contract dispute with a paper industry group.

Huang's shop sublease contract dispute with Hu.

Tang's house lease contract dispute with Ma.

A dispute over the right to operate an underground parking lot in a residential area in Guangzhou.

Li Mou's shop sales contract dispute with a developer in Tianhe District.

Huang Mou's house sales contract dispute with a real estate company.

Li Mou's property analysis dispute.

Disputes over equipment borrowing contracts between a vocational and technical school and a company.

Disputes over ornamental stone sales contracts between Liu and Chen.

Disputes over advertising contracts between a real estate company and an advertising company.

Disputes over office-furniture sales contracts between a company and a furniture factory.

Disputes over loan contracts between Chen and Cai.

Disputes over divorce property division between Hong.

Disputes over property inheritance between Lu and his parents.

Dispute over compensation for work-related injury between Deng and a construction company.

Dispute over compensation for personal injury between Tan and a hospital in Guangzhou.

Dispute over economic compensation between Wang, a labor dispatch worker and the employer.

Disputes between Liao, Lin, Lei and the insurance company over damages for traffic accidents.

Dispute over property damage compensation for road traffic accidents between a Guangzhou trading company and Gao, a Guangzhou automobile transportation team, and a property insurance company in Guangzhou.

Huang's crime of sabotaging production and operation

Liu's crime of intentional injury

Liang's crime of defrauding loans

Pan's crime of contract fraud

Tan's crime of SMS fraud

Lu's crime of car robbery

Chen's crime of bribery

The "Three Old Renovation"(Projects to renovate old towns, factories and villages) of Jiutang Village, Zhanqian Street, Maoming City

Reconstruction of a large auto parts city on Yongfu Road, Guangzhou

Complex land acquisition and demolition, including the staff dormitory of Southern Steel Plant, an old factory building of Guangzhou nitrogenous fertilizer plant, a staff dormitory of Guangzhou       Woolen Mill, Datang Xintiandi Commercial Plaza in Haizhu District, Dashadong affordable housing and other projects.


Construction of real estate and government's affordable housing projects, such as the new community of Dangen New Street, Guocun New Community, Wansong Garden, Zhuji Project, Tongde New Community, Tai 'an Garden, Longgui New Community, Southern Steel Plant New Community, Hengyuan New Community, Dashadongxin, the new community of Nanzhou Road, and the Huizhou Yujingwan Garden.