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Zhuoxin Law Firm (“Zhuoxin”) is one of the larger-scale comprehensive law firms in China. Since its establishment in 1999 in Guangzhou, Zhuoxin has been gradually building recognition.


Lawyers of Zhuoxin are all graduated from top domestic and oversea law schools, some of which have arbitrators, tax accountants, economists, accountants, engineers and other professional titles and relevant work experience as well.

Practice Areas

Zhuoxin’s well-trained and experienced team of lawyers has provided a full range of legal services in difference areas.

As the only representative of Guangdong law firms, Zhuoxin has joined ADVOC and TAGLaw, two worldwide alliances of independent law firms, in 2013 and 2016 respectively. Zhuoxin aims to provide high quality legal service to all around the world.


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Looking for your first job in law or making a mid-career move? We welcome persons with academic credentials, demonstrated writing abilities, an entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to community service, and great interpersonal skills.

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Lian Qingqing
Lian Qingqing
  • Office:Guangzhou
  • Tel:(8620) 3941 6888
  • E-mail:qq.lian@zhuoxinlaw.com
  • Domain:Corporate Advisory and Compliance, Liquidation and Restructuring, Intellectual Property Rights, Dispute Resolution (Litigation and Arbitration)

Education Background

Sept. 2002 ~ Jul.2006, School of Law, SunYat-sen University, Bachelor of Laws

Sept.~2010 ~Jul. 2012, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, SunYat-sen University, Master of Arts

Sept. 2014~Nov. 2014, National School of Development, Peking University, Law and Economics Scholarship Winner


Professional Background

Before practicing law, Lian Qingqing worked as a senior rule-of-law journalist at Guangzhou Daily for ten years. During her time there, she extensively covered changes and adjustments in legislation and public policies, as well as investigations and trials of major cases. Her news articles have won numerous awards including the National Rule-of-Law Good News Award, and the First and Second Prize for Rule-of-Law Good News in Guangdong Province.


Working Language

Chinese (Mandarin, Hakka, Cantonese), English



Corporate Advisory and Compliance, Liquidation and Restructuring, Intellectual Property Rights, Dispute Resolution (Litigation and Arbitration).


Practice Experience

Corporate Advisory and Compliance

●As a long-term legal advisor to multiple companies, provided legal advice on compliance for business operations, including but not limited to anti-commercial bribery compliance and labor compliance.

●As a compliance supervisor, handled third-party compliance supervision and evaluation cases for companies involved, such as a technology company in Shenzhen.


Liquidation and Restructuring

● As the head of the bankruptcy liquidation and restructuring legal department at Zhuo Xin Law Firm, responsible for bankruptcy liquidation, bankruptcy restructuring, forced liquidation, and bankruptcy-related litigation cases, successfully handling the liquidation of numerous state-owned zombie enterprises, liquidation of Sino-foreign joint ventures, and bankruptcy liquidation cases for large private enterprises.

● As a legal advisor and representative lawyer for debtors, provided legal advice and representation for debt restructuring, bankruptcy restructuring, and liquidation cases, including the bankruptcy liquidation of a financial institution and the bankruptcy restructuring of a large real estate company.

● As a legal advisor and representative lawyer for creditors, applied for debtor bankruptcy liquidation or restructuring and represented creditors throughout the entire bankruptcy process.

● As a legal advisor to investors, provided legal advice and due diligence for the acquisition of non-performing assets in China and participation in bankruptcy restructuring.


Intellectual Property Rights

●As a legal advisor, provided full legal services for several years for the China (Guangzhou) International Documentary Festival, the largest national-level documentary festival in Asia and a key cultural export project, providing legal advice and representation for documentary copyright transactions, pre-sale financing, and other related services.

●As a legal advisor, provided long-term intellectual property-related legal services for a well-known network technology company, including building intellectual property systems, providing intellectual property protection plans, and representing the company in intellectual property-related litigation.

●As a representative lawyer for a well-known music producer, successfully handled contract disputes over the copyright of hundreds of songs with a talent agency.

●As a legal advisor to celebrities, artists, talent agencies, or movie production companies, provided legal advice and solutions for copyright-related issues.


Dispute Resolution (Litigation and Arbitration)

●Represented one party to resolve many complex civil and commercial disputes, including but not limited to lease contract disputes, trade finance disputes, equity transfer disputes, shareholder contribution disputes, disputes over invalid debtor acts, recovery of shareholder contribution disputes, shareholder harm to creditor interests disputes, external debt recovery disputes, property rights protection disputes, revocation of arbitration awards disputes, bankruptcy creditor confirmation disputes, construction contract disputes, real estate sales disputes, infringement of audio and video producer rights disputes, private lending disputes, compensation disputes for land acquisition and demolition, network infringement liability disputes, image rights disputes, property service contract disputes, inheritance disputes, post-divorce property division disputes, and administrative cases requiring demolition within a time limit, and more.


Practice Qualifications

●People's Republic of China licensed lawyer


Social Positions

● External tutor at the School of Law, Sun Yat-sen University

● Compliance and regulatory professional in the third-party supervision and evaluation mechanism for companies involved in legal cases in Guangzhou

● Member and Deputy Secretary-General of the Liquidation and Bankruptcy Committee of the Guangzhou Lawyers Association

● Mediator at the Guangzhou International Commercial and Trade Commercial Mediation Center

● Director of the Network and E-commerce Law Research Association of the Guangdong Law Society

● Member of International Association of Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Professionals

●Legal committee member of the China Television Drama Production Industry Association



●Awarded as Guangzhou's Leading Foreign-Related Lawyer by the Guangzhou Bar Association in 2022

●Recognized as an Outstanding Committee Member by the Guangzhou Bar Association in 2020

●Awarded the Best Style Award at the Art Performance of the Guangzhou Bar Association in 2018

●Received the Legal and Economic Scholarship from the National Development Institute and the "Caijing" Magazine in Peking University in 2014


Public Speeches

●Keynote speech, "Optimization Suggestions for Real Estate Registration from the Perspective of Bankruptcy Administrators," 5th "Guangzhou Lawyers Look at the Business Environment" Forum, October 20, 2021