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Zhuoxin Law Firm (“Zhuoxin”) is one of the larger-scale comprehensive law firms in China. Since its establishment in 1999 in Guangzhou, Zhuoxin has been gradually building recognition.


Lawyers of Zhuoxin are all graduated from top domestic and oversea law schools, some of which have arbitrators, tax accountants, economists, accountants, engineers and other professional titles and relevant work experience as well.

Practice Areas

Zhuoxin’s well-trained and experienced team of lawyers has provided a full range of legal services in difference areas.

As the only representative of Guangdong law firms, Zhuoxin has joined ADVOC and TAGLaw, two worldwide alliances of independent law firms, in 2013 and 2016 respectively. Zhuoxin aims to provide high quality legal service to all around the world.


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Looking for your first job in law or making a mid-career move? We welcome persons with academic credentials, demonstrated writing abilities, an entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to community service, and great interpersonal skills.

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Haohui Wang
Haohui Wang
Senior Counsel
  • Office:Guangzhou
  • Tel:(8620) 3941 6888 13332821246
  • E-mail:hh.wang@zhuoxinlaw.com
  • Domain:Corporate law, such as financing, guarantee, trust, Mergers & Acquisitions, asset restructuring, etc, real estate law and other civil and commercial cases.

Education Background & Professional Qualifications

1990 - 1994 Sun Yat-sen University, Bachelor of Laws

2003 - 2005 China University of Political Science and Law, Master of Civil and Commercial Laws

1995 Chinese Qualified Lawyer

2012, 2014 and 2016 Member of the Training for Independent Directors of Listed Companies on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

2013 Certified Enterprise Risk Manager (CERM)

September 2015 AMAC Fund Practitioner Qualification


Work Experience

Mr. Wang once worked in Commodity Futures Exchange and a wholly state-owned real estate company in Guangzhou. He has been a full-time lawyer since 1996 and joined Guangdong Guangda Law Firm from 1998 to June 2016 as senior partner and the managing partner. From July 2016, he has joined in Zhuoxin Law Firm. He was the senior partner and the managing partner form 2017 to 2019, and has been the senior consultant since 2020.

He was a member of the Management Steering Committee of the Law Firm of the Guangzhou Lawyers Association and, a member of the Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Working Committee of the Guangzhou Lawyers Association. Mr. Wang had served as a tutor for postgraduate who were major in law at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.

Currently, he has been an arbitrator of the Guangzhou Arbitration Commission of China.


Working Language

Mandarin, Cantonese, English


Business Expertise

Financing, guarantee, trust, Internet finance, private equity investment funds and other financing affairs.

M&A, asset restructuring and other corporate legal affairs.

Legal affairs of real estate development and construction management.

Civil and commercial litigation, arbitration and enforcement of legal matters.


Experience in Traditional Finance and Internet Finance

● Since 2002, Mr. Wang has long served as the legal adviser of Guangzhou Branch of China CITIC Bank, providing various financial and legal advice to the bank. He has represented hundreds of bank lawsuits and provided legal services for projects such as syndicated loans and M&A loans.

● Mr. Wang has long served as a legal adviser to the Financial Work Office of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government and the Guangzhou Financial Industry Association, providing advice on various financial and legal affairs. He assisted in the preparation of the Guangzhou Equity Exchange Center and the Guangzhou Financial Industry Association.

● As a permanent legal adviser to TCL Financial Holding Group, he provided legal services for Internet financial platforms such as "T Financial Institute" and "Simple Exchange.[2] 

● Currently, Mr. Wang is a permanent legal adviser in China Post Consumer Finance Co., Ltd., to provide legal services for its Internet consumer finance.


Experience in Real estate and Construction Engineering

● Mr. Wang is responsible for full legal services for the renovation of Hedong Village, Liwan District, Guangzhou City.

● He once served for Aoyuan Group in the renovation of Tai Po 1 Village, Tai Po 2 Village and Tai Po 3 Village in Longgang District, Shenzhen.

● Mr. Wang once provided full process legal services for Junyi Real Estate to transfer the "Huadu Shiling Leather City Project" to R&F Real Estate.

● In the reconstruction of Hetangxia Village, Huangpu District, Guangzhou (covering an area of about 1.6 million square meters), Mr. Wang provided full legal services for Cedar Pine Group.

● He once provided full legal services for a non resident enterprise to transfer the "Ruian Chuangyi Project", located in Tianhe North Road, Guangzhou City, to Ruian Group through equity transfer.

● He once provided full legal services for a state-owned company to sell its entire commercial building, which is located in Tianhe North Road, Guangzhou, to China Mobile Guangdong.

● He once provided full process legal services for a bank to purchase office property (with a price of more than 1 billion yuan).

● He is now the permanent legal adviser of the "Jinghua Plaza Project", providing legal services for construction and operation.

● He once provided full legal services for the overall renovation and reconstruction of Guangzhou White Swan Hotel which started in 2011.

● Mr. Wang has participated in the whole process of various development, construction and sales of several real estate projects to provided legal services.

● As a special consultant for several developers, Mr. Wang has participated in the early negotiation and contract confirmation of several reconstruction projects of old village.


Key Projects in Capital Markets, Investment and Financing

 ● The shareholding restructuring and A-share issuance and listing of Guangzhou Dayilong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (the company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on January 30, 2008; stock code: 002209).

Corporate bonds issued by Foshan Huaxin Packaging Co., Ltd. In 2012 (this Shenzhen company is the first B-share company approved to issue corporate bonds in the Chinese securities market, referred to as "Yuehuabao B"; stock code: 200986).

● Corporate bonds issued by Heiniu Food Co., Ltd. in 2012 (stock code: 002387).

● The 2012 SME collective private placement bonds of Guangzhou Guanyu Aluminum Foil and Yaolun Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. Issued by Guangzhou Guanyu Aluminum Foil Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Yaolun Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. (this is the first SME collective private placement bond filed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange).

● Guangdong Akeman, Guangzhou Akeman, Guangzhou Huiyuan and the special purpose company established overseas by its founder accepted the venture capital of Softbank Asia Investment Fund II L.P. and its subsidiaries.

● The establishment and issuance of various investment and financing projects and trust products of Chang'an Trust.

● A number of private equity investment funds in Evergrande Group's subsidiaries, which raised a total of 30 billion yuan. The Funds have fully expired and their investors have achieved the expected return.

● The establishment, operation and management of a fund management company in which an A-share listed company participates, including filing, product issuance and withdrawal.


Experience in Litigation, Arbitration and Enforcement

● Mr. Wang once represented a private equity fund in a lawsuit with Yihe Real Estate Group, and finally successfully recovered about 300 million yuan for the client.

● Mr. Wang once acted as an agent in a lawsuit between an insurance company and a bank in China, and finally successfully recovered more than 200 million yuan for the client.

● Mr. Wang has represented hundreds of difficult and complex cases in litigation or arbitration such as bank claims collection, which enriched him with experience in litigation arbitration, enforcement and disposal of non-performing assets.


Experience in Investment and Risk Management

● Mr. Wang is specialized in investment and financing business on behalf of clients. He once served as the supervisor of state-owned holding companies such as Jinzhongnan Railway Coal Sales Company, Jindongnan Railway Coal Sales Co., Ltd. and Zhenneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

● Mr. Wang was once an independent director of Tech-long and CVTE, which listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

● Mr. Wang was also a director of a fund management company (filed), and helped in multiple private equity investment fund projects.